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iRequireIT can be used by both Business users and IT Professionals as either the first step in the requirements gathering process "The Requirements Bridge" or for smaller projects, as the complete source of business requirements.

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  • Immediate Start

    Start gathering requirements without fuss or delay. Our app is purpose built to "just get going" giving your project a head start.

  • All of organisation

    Intuitive design makes iRequireIT perfect for both end users and business analysts. It is also ideal for stakeholders right across your organisation.

  • Consistent Approach

    Format and prioritisation of requirements are aligned with industry best practice, guaranteeing you a consistent approach and style.

  • Mobile

    Built with mobile-first principles in mind, our app is designed to be used on many different devices including tablets, phones, laptops and desktops.

  • What makes us different

    No user account is required to get started with iRequireIT and there are no hoops to jump through - just click a button to create your project and start adding requirements.

    iRequireIT focuses on direct stakeholder participation by providing a clean, intuitive interface allowing anyone in your business to capture requirements straight away.

  • When to use iRequireIT

    Use iRequireIT when you first start to capture business requirements. Let your project stakeholders use it to contribute requirements directly.

    It's also perfect for capturing requirements from stakeholders who work remotely or who work from different locations.